I’m a designer, researcher and strategist.

I make sense of fuzzy human stuff to build better interactions, services and systems.


I’m originally from Melbourne, have spent the last four years in Toronto, and am now completing my Masters in Design at Carnegie Mellon University in Pittsburgh.

I delight in:

  • understanding people, from broad patterns to deep details.

  • making sense of ambiguity, visualizing messy concepts, and translating insights.

  • facilitating generative workshops and empowering people to design for themselves.

  • prototyping, mocking up, making real, and trying stuff.

Before making my way to design I completed a double degree in bioethics & genetics, worked as a sexual health & relationships educator in Melbourne, and ran an educational maker space in Toronto.

Ultimately, the goal of my work as a human-centered designer is to shape our digital, physical and invisible environments to promote human flourishing.

Skills + specialties: empathic listening and in-depth interviewing, exploratory and evaluative research, participatory methods, concept development, experiential futuring, workshop design + facilitation, human-centered design, user insights, project management and leadership, creative direction, public speaking, and visual storytelling.