MASSLBP | Facilitation

About: MASSLBP specializes in public consultation processes to inform policy making decisions. In 2017 the Ontario Confederation of University Faculty Associations (OCUFA) partnered with MASSLBP to consult faculty representatives from across the province. I was hired as a freelance facilitator by MASSLBP to support one of the six sub-groups through the two day process. The first day involved generating a list of trends and issues related to the three prescribed themes, a plenary discussion to identify a set of consolidated priorities from this list, and subdividing in to sub-groups again to distill these priorities into a preliminary list of recommendations. The second day involved refining these recommendations, reporting them back to the plenary for review, and then making final adjustments based on feedback. My role was to keep the sub-group on track, support them to clarify their thinking, reach consensus, and distill their collective ideas in to concrete recommendations. The images below are worksheets I filled in on behalf of my sub-group while deliberations played out, and the final report can be viewed here.

Role: Facilitator