Maker Festival

Creative Direction + Communications

About | Maker Festival is a technology, creativity and DIY event that is free for the public to attend. As one of three on the leadership team, I was responsible for communications and special events. I managed a team of six people, including designers, content producers, community outreach coordinators, PR specialists and social media managers. During my time at the festival from 2014-2017, we navigated a change in organizational identity (see below),  grew from 8,000 attendees to 16,000 attendees, and scaled from a single event to city-wide festival of over 100+ events run by community organizations. As a result, the team grew from 10 team members, to more than 25.

Contribution | Event production, team management, communications


Identity Transition

 Contribution: Project lead for the public-facing transition from a licensed subsidiary node of a large US brand to an independent Canadian event (branding, communication strategy, website redesign, PR)

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Event Expansion + Partnerships

Contribution: Project lead for the expansion from a single event, to a city-wide festival of over 100 community-run events

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Contribution: Managed external communication channels, all of which have a growing and highly engaged following – including 8,000 newsletter subscribers, 3,700 Facebook followers & 5,000 Twitter followers.

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Video & Photo Content

Contribution: Project lead for production of promotional video and photo content.

Photography: Connie Tsang Photography | Videography: Filip Vukcevic


Team Recruitment + Engagement

Contribution: Co-led the recruitment and onboarding process for a team of over 30 core team members

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Theme Development + Merchandising

Contribution: Collaborated with illustrator to develop yearly festival themes and associated assets + merchandising.

Designer: Tarik El-Khateeb @


Promotional Media Coverage

Contribution: Sought out, built relationships, and produced content with local journalists resulting in a front page article on the Toronto Star and a feature in NOW Magazine.


Launch Party

Contribution: Project lead for the launch party – which grew from a 50 person office party to 400+ person interactive event including a tech meets fashion runway show.